Due to the making of ghushmeshwar jyotirling in earth,there is a sign made for the fulfillment of sahstraghat from the time period of king shivveer chauhan.filling water through pitcher till this sign fulfills the count of sahstraghat.there is magic in sahstraghat that if the water filled is respectable ,then it remains filled,& if not then it starts lowering.

In vikram samvat 2018,year 1961,people of village decided to fill sahstraghat once where the akhand jyoti shines & decided to close that.the water of sahstraghat remained filled till aarti,but after aarti whole of water poured out of the main temple in half an hour.people of village saw this view and are still a witness.due to this magic,that year there was downfall in that day,phoolsingh gaud filled the sahstraghat which remained filled till morning.that is the magic of sahstraghat.
Daily 1 sahstraghat is filled whose booking is done by trust of temple office.currently you can book it by giving rs 2500 That you can give through cash,cheque,draft,online banking. for more information you can contact to trust office.Those who will contribute to sahstraghat will be provided rooms(with bedding & lighting) for the whole day.Here after the worship of temple’s parashar family(pujaris),water is filled through pitcher.those who do sahstraghat provide food to parashar family.